Social networks, such as Twitter or Instagram, offer excellent opportunities to promote new products, to communicate an image and to contact potential customers. However, until now it was not possible to assess the potential and actual scope of your communication measures within social media. The previous mapping-tools are limited in its significance and the majority of its valuable information of the network remains unused.

SMeNA brings light into the darkness and enables a complete analysis and visualization of your network!

SMeNA identifies key players who act as multipliers within you network as well as so called “bridgeheads” who function as a connection to other networks. Simultaneously, current trends and topics within the “social media community” can be identified.

With the knowledge of the right channels within your network future information are passed to your customers without wastage – your marketing is tailored to the needs of your target group immediately. Also the success of a campaign or a product launch can be measured through regular monitoring of the developing network.

Summarized, SMeNA is a new and highly effective tool to identify your target group, to find the right contact person, to establish cooperations, to increase the scope and even to make forecasts. You can choose which services you like to utilize: we offer the full range whether raw data collection, visualization or a comprehensive analysis.


Get an overview of your social media network. Understand which position you hold within your own network and in relation to other networks and get an insight of the world of network structures.

We will give you concrete hints how you can improve your position within the network in order to gain more attention. Understand your network!


Get to know the most important players of your network. Who are the multipliers and who should be contacted to expand your network? Which topics are discussed and which player forces them?

With this knowledge you are able to communicate information specifically and quickly to relevant players. Network with crucial players!


The understanding of your network offers extensive possibilities to generate information which are useful beyond the social media network.

The identification of trends, the monitoring of campaigns and the reduction of wastage of advertising campaigns are only three examples. Use your knowledge to reduce costs and to work more effective. Change your perspective!


• Individual consulting and identification of crucial keywords
• Tailored analysis > Read out of the row data
• Localization of the most important players
• Identification of hitherto unknown players
• Visualization in a graphic
• Interpretation of the results
• Recognition of trends and focal points
• Derivation of implementation-oriented measures
• Summary of all findings in a final report
• Monitoring over a longer period of time